Why Do You Need to Provide Natural Food for Dogs?


Why Do You Need to Provide Natural Food for Dogs?

Natural and organic foods are not only good for the health and well-being of the people but also good for your pet dogs too. There is a lot of attention and focus towards taking natural foods in the media today, and this has compelled many stores to stock up with lots of organic food products. And dog food stores also have followed up with the same. Many dog owners are also slowly gaining into the idea of providing natural food products to their dogs as the other foods that they obtain from the stores are all mixed up with additives and chemical which is not suitable for their pets.


And one question that lingers in your mind when you think of the natural food products that live on the store’s shelves is, “whether they are truly organic and natural?”. Well, you can’t definitively say by the look of it. Many dog owners spend a lot of money buying the Best Outdoor Dog Houses for their four-legged companions but don’t concentrate much on the importance of providing natural food for their dogs. In this article, we’ll deal with the significance of giving natural food for your dogs and the far-reaching benefits from that.

Say Goodbye to Animal by-products

When you prepare or buy the best organic and natural food products, you can be relieved of the fact that your pet food doesn’t contain any animal by-products. Whether you’ve noticed or not, many pet foods contain animal by-products if you look carefully at the ingredients. Better look into the ingredients before buying pet foods for your dog or make sure to prepare natural dog foods at your home. Even though chicken, fish and eggs are all good for your dogs, these by-products in your dog foods are not the same.

Healthy Pets

Good nutrition for your pets plays a crucial part in determining their health. Many research and studies have revealed the fact that dog natural food can be beneficial for your pet’s overall health and also can help in enhance and the shininess of their skin and coat. Natural dog foods can also increase their weight and also help them feel much more energetic than before. If you are looking to provide only the best for your pet dog then along with the Best Outdoor Dog Houses for your dog to have its private place, also offer some high-quality natural food to keep them hale and healthy.

Say No to Allergies

If you see that your dog is suffering from some allergies lately, it might be due to the additives and the artificial coloring used in the dog foods that you purchased from the store recently. Try switching over to natural and organic products, and you can see that these allergies start disappearing slowly.

Less is more

Even though organic foods are expensive, they seem to be cost-effective in the longer run. These natural foods contain more significant levels of nutrition and only less food per serving is enough for your dogs. Also, feeding natural foods to your dog’ also increases their life expectancy and enhance their quality of life to a great extent.


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  2. One of the best things you can do for your dog is to mix in cooked chicken and soup bones with their meals. My Siberian Husky gets the marrow from a soup bone mixed with a kibble in the morning along with the soup bone to chew on. For dinner she gets cooked, pulled chicken mixed with kibble and a little olive oil. I also give her a half a milk bone biscuit after each meal to help clean her teeth. When I switched her over to this diet 5 years ago she immediately lost a few lbs and her coat became much healthier. It has kept her weight at a normal level as well.


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