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homemade dog food recipes for large dogs


homemade dog food recipes for large dogs
homemade dog food recipes for large dogs


If you need to improve the dog’s diet by not spending much money then you need to try making homemade wet dog food. This will allow you to know what your dog is being fed, use the best ingredients, and keep an eye on any allergies that could be an issue.

homemade dog food recipes for large dogs


This is the type of pet food that any dog would go crazy for. It has the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber to keep your dog healthy and happy for a long time.


The best part of making wet pet food opposed to wet food is that it lasts longer and you can make larger amounts.


Benefits Of Making homemade wet dog food

There are several reasons why choosing to make homemade wet dog food is the best option for many people. For those dog owners who have dogs with allergies, making your own food can not only save you in vet bills, but medication too.

The wet dog foods on the market pretty much have the same ingredients. They all contain preservatives and fillers, which are usually the main source of allergic reaction for pets. Making your own allows you to control what you add to your dog’s food, so that you can lower the amount of vet visits and possible not have to pay for pills to control your dog’s itching, hair issues, and any other allergy related problems.


Save Money with Homemade Dog Food

Saving money has the most benefit for people who make homemade wet food. Wet food if well preserved can go for long without going bad. Many people will forget how slowly homemade dog food is eaten. You feed your dog less food as homemade food is higher in nutrients than store bought foods.


So, when people first begin making their won wet food they may find they need to get used to dealing with smaller portions. Wet foods last longer and make a better transition for most dogs and their owners. You will also notice that your dog produces less waste. When you give dogs foods that they can utilize rather than just fill their bellies, you are making it easier for yourself in the picking up waste department.


Multigrain Wet Food Recipe


A great and easy homemade wet dog food recipe is a multigrain food. This recipe makes 20 cups, which is easy to store and lasts a while. Add two cups of whole wheat flour, one and a half cups of all purposes unbleached flour, and a half cup of soy flour into a large bowl. In the same bowl you will also add 1 cup of corn meal, one cup of powdered milk, one cup rolled oats, a half cup of wheat germ and brewer’s yeast each, and a tablespoon of salt.


In a small bowl add one large or jumbo egg and five tablespoons of corn oil. Add three cups of water to the wet ingredients in the large bowl and stir. Last add the egg mixture to the large bowl and stir. You will have a thin batter, which is what you want. For the mix into cookie sheets about a half inch high and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. You will get a sheet of dog food. Simply break it up into small pieces and store.


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