High Fiber Dog Food – Is it A Good Option To Your Dog?

Switching to high fiber dog food is usually recommended for dogs with certain intestinal or digestive issues. Ordinary commercial dog food typically contains two to four percent crude fiber content whereas the high fiber variety will have at least 10 percent. All types of dog foods naturally contain some fiber, but it’s the amount and the source that’s most important.

High Fiber Dog Food: Is it A Good Option To

Your Dog?


High fiber dog food may contain whole grains, corn and corn by-products, beet pulp, or rice and soybean hulls.

Vegetables like sweet potatoes are also found in high fiber foods as well as whole cereals and fruits like apples.

The great importance of fiber in our diets has been talked about for some time as most of us know we should be getting a certain amount.

But most pet owners aren’t aware that it’s equally important for their dogs to be getting adequate fiber in their diets as well. Because a high fiber food for dogs will typically contain fewer calories as well as higher quality ingredients, they will need less food but still feel full, warding off conditions like obesity, which leads to diabetes and heart problems.

Anal gland disease and constipation are other conditions that may warrant a high fiber food, which may reduce risks of colon cancer as well.

Switching to a higher fiber food for your dog will help create larger, bulkier stools, which may not be exactly pleasant when it comes time to clean up the yard, but it just may help to put extra pressure on the anal glands, helping to solve the common but also irritating problem of anal gland disease.

Anal gland disease may include abscessed, impacted, or infected anal glands, which are the two sacs just inside the opening of the anus that secrete fluid.

Bulky stools can help to ease constipation as they put pressure on the inside of the intestines as they pass through the digestive tract, stimulating the entire process.

Top 3 High Fiber Brands:


Based on consumer opinion, ingredients, and cost, here are three of the top brands of dog food with high fiber content:

  • Royal Canin :

Averaging around $20 for a six-pound bag and $74 for a 33-pound bag, Calorie Control CC 26 High Fiber Dog Food from Royal Canin Veterinary Diet contains 18.30% crude fiber.

With natural ingredients designed to promote weight loss while adding fiber, this variety from Royal Canin will require a prescription from a veterinarian for purchase.

  • Doctors Foster and Smith Adult Lite Dog Food Chicken Brown

    Rice Formula:

This food contains 13% crude fiber, reduced calories, and has whole grains including barley and brown rice, fruits like apples, and vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots.

A five-pound bag averages $10 and the 23-pound size is $35.

  • Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light Dog Food:

This dry dog food contains 18.5% crude fiber and ingredients such as soybean mill run, soybean meal, ground whole grain corn, and several vitamins.

A five-pound bag averages $14 and the largest-40 pound size is $50.


Although it may seem like a good idea for you to switch to a high fiber food for your pet’s health, always consult with your veterinarian first as there may be other underlying health issues to consider.

When switching brands or types of dog foods after the approval of your vet, the process should be a gradual one to avoid stomach upset or the risk of causing additional digestive problems.


Health Disclaimer:


Keep in mind that these are opinions only and are meant to provide general information. The content in this article should not be interpreted as medical advice. You should always check with your veterinarian before making significant changes to your dog’s diet.







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