BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

A faster, easier and less messy way to bathe your dog anywhere and anytime with virtually no mess.


Welcome to the next generation of dog-bathing. The BarkBath is a faster, easier and less messy way to bathe your four-legged family member. This portable bathing system allows you to bathe your pet practically anywhere and anytime with virtually no mess. Specially designed nozzles get beneath the fur and down to the skin to allow water and shampoo to wash the skin clean while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank.

Key Benefits

  • ​Portable so you can bathe your dog in any room of the house with no mess, tubs, hoses, or hassles.
  • Nozzle washes and suctions away dirty water and odors into a separate tank that can be easily emptied out when done.
  • Designed to save water, it can wash a dog over 80 pounds with less than 48 ounces of water.
  • Cleans from the skin up for a deeper clean with specially designed nozzles that go beneath the fur.
  • Works on almost all fur lengths and types and includes no-rinse dog shampoo that’s ideal for most dog breeds.

What the BISSELL BarkBath comes with:

  • Portable Bath Unit.
  • Innovative Bath Tool
  • Microfiber Mat for the Portable Bath Unit
  • Storage Bag for all accessories
  • Microfiber Cloth for Face & Paws
  • check
    16 oz. No-Rinse Shampoo-mulberry scent

What Our Customers Say


It worked well for my double coated collie/GSD mix. The first time wasn't quite as simple, quick, and neat as promo videos, but with some practice it may be. Definitely will be valuable in an emergency (e.g. skunk). Perfect for someone who has no other way to bathe their dog. Save yourself some grief - first read the instructions and watch a few quick videos. Make sure your dog is comfortable with the sound (not bad - like a small vacuum cleaner) before using it.

Alice Tinkerton


I bought the Bark Bath in hopes of finding an easier way to bathe dogs. I am a Pet Groomer and I was hoping it was going to make things a little easier. I've used it once on a Yorkie. I believe it works"ok" not what I expected. The suction wasn't good, the dog was left soak and wet. I'm going to get more familiar with the Bark Bath and when I do, I'll be able to say alot more about the product. I know it does rinse and puts out shampoo ok.

Cameron Alastair

Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System