Bissell Barkbath Portable Dog Bath System [Review 2018]

Bissell Barkbath Portable Dog Bath System

Bissell Barkbath Portable Dog Bath System













The Bissell BarkBath sets out to revolutionize the way you wash your dog, and it delivers on that promise. While the cost might seem high for such a specific device, the alternatives are so dated by comparison that the BarkBath seems like a wise investment.


Are you looking for an honest review of BarkBath? Lets find out more about this revolutionary portable dog grooming and bathing solution.

You might have seen people bathing dogs in a movie. Sounds fun yeah.

But bathing your dog in real life isn’t that much fun. Convincing your dog for a bath is not as easy as you think, specially when they are dirty and stinking up the whole house. They like to stay dirty and forcing them for a bath is not what seems like an easy job.

And even if they agree for a bath, there is still a lot of mess that needs to be taken care of. Specially when your dog sheds a lot of hair, it’s quite possible that your dog hair ends up clogging the drains. Moreover, bending down for long time washing your dog in the splashes of dirt-filled water is frustrating. So there has to be a better way to do this.

To your surprise, Bissell has recently introduced a portable dog bath system that is totally changing the way you think of bathing your dog.


 Please note that BarkBath is designed for bathing your dogs only. Using it on any other pets or animals is NOT Recommended.

How it works

If you’ve ever seen a carpet shampooer in action, you’ll understand how the BarkBath works. It’s pretty simple: you fill the tank with warm water, pour in the shampoo, prime the pump, and then vacuum your dog clean.

That’s right: it’s a vacuum for your dog.

Bissell explains that specially designed nozzles get beneath the fur and down to the skin to allow water and shampoo to wash the skin clean. Meanwhile, a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank.




the BarkBath comes with a 16-oz. lightly scented bottle of dog shampoo. You’ll have to purchase more later to refill, as they don’t recommend using regular dog shampoo in the unit (it can clog the lines). They do offer a fragrance-free version.

We’ve included a video below so you can see it in action.

What is BarkBath?

BarkBath is a self-serve portable dog bathing system that allows dog owners to bathe their dogs with ease. It is a faster and convenient way to bathe your dog anywhere, and that too without creating any mess.

With BarkBath, you don’t need those fancy bath tubs anymore since it’s a complete grooming and bathing solution for your four-legged furry companion.

This video is a good explanation of how BarkBath works and what makes it the best system for bathing your dog.

No matter how long your dog hair is, the special patented nozzles are engineered to go beneath the fur and reach the skin.

This allows the water and shampoo to wash skin thoroughly while the soft suction technology pulls any dirt or hair back to the dirty tank so there is no mess left behind.

So it is basically a 2-in-1 system that cleans your dog as well as picks up the dirt and water back to the dirty tank.

One full tank of water is adequate for a 80 lb. dog and the no-rinse shampoo formula makes your dog feel fresh and clean after the bath.

BarkBath uses only 48 oz. of water as compared to the traditional bathing in tub where you might end up using 15-18 gallons of water for the same 80 lb. dog.

That means BarkBath consumes 50 times less water as compared to bathing in a tub.

Got a Noise-Sensitive or Anxious Dog?

If your dog is not familiar with the sound of a vacuum, they might not be comfortable with BarkBath. It is as noisy as a vacuum cleaner and some nervous dogs might get turned off with the sound of it.

But you can definitely use some tricks like feeding them treats throughout the bath could do wonders.

 Here are some more tips from Bissell that will help you train your nervous dog:

Why BarkBath?

There are a number of reasons why BarkBath surpasses any other dog bathing solutions including your local pet grooming services. Here is why it stands out:


How much does your local pet groomer cost on average? 50 or 60 Bucks at-least.



Now compare it with BarkBath and the return on investment. It’s huge. With BarkBath, you are definitely going to save some serious money in the long run. Plus you own it. So no more waiting for the pet groomer. Take it anywhere with you and make your dog feel fresh anytime you want.


One of the best thing I like about BarkBath is its portability. You can literally take it anywhere you want, indoor or outdoors, and give your dog a bath. Some dogs are comfortable outdoors so its a good idea to bathe them at a place where they feel good to be.

Easy Setup and Convenient



BarkBath is very simple to setup and extremely easy to use. There is a tank where you can fill water and the dirty water gets picked up automatically in a separate compartment. You can easily add shampoo in the shampoo reservoir. The bath tool is easy to handle and use. All you need to do is fill the water tank (warm or cold depending on season) and get started.

You also get accessories when you buy BarkBath that include a Microfiber Mat for the Portable Bath Unit, Microfiber Cloth for Face & Paws, 16 oz. of no-rinse shampoo and a storage bag for storing all accessories. The 15 feet power cord allows you to easily move it anywhere you want.

Best dogs for a BarkBath

ny dog who doesn’t mind the vacuum noise could be a good candidate for this system.

In particular, it could be very useful for:

  • Dogs afraid of water
  • Senior dogs with reduced mobility
  • Dogs with skin allergies or sensitivity
  • Dogs recovering from surgery

The bottom line

We’re not sure that this system would entirely replace traditional bathing, particularly for dogs with thick coats. However, it’s very handy for grooming in between full baths, and would certainly reduce the number of full-on baths you’d need to give your dog.

For many dogs and their families, the BarkBath system would be a convenient time saver. Plus, it has the added bonus of giving you some quality time with your dog.

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