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Best Dry Dog Food: A Guide To Choosing The Best Dry Dog Food

Best Dry Dog Food – A Guide to Choosing The Best Dry Dog Food 


Introduction – Best Dry Dog Food


As a dog owner, it’s no-nonsense that you are very much concerned about your canine’s health.

It’s important  that you take care that there is no stone unturned, when it comes to your dog’s diet.

You may find this lovely creature, sitting beside you in the most  memorable moments of your life.

So, looking after your pet dog, no more remains  a passion, it becomes a responsibility.

Among so many things that you can feed your dog with, natural dry dog food appears to be the best choice.

This foodstuff can really be something, which not only your dog would prefer, but will also provide him the required nutrients necessary for his healthiness.

As it is important that your pet gets all the vitamins and minerals, which his body requires for being fit, you need to revise your thoughts before purchasing anything that you would feed him.


The Top 5 Natural Dry Dog Foods For Your Pet


However, there is a list of natural dry dog foods available in the market, which can solve your problem.

These branded dry dog foods can help you in both ways – provide the essential nutrients and also add to the taste of your dog.

So selecting the best dry dog food, will help you make your dog happier and healthier.

The top 5 natural dry dog foods, which are presently available in the market, are:

Superior – Dog rice and chicken formula:


This food is made from human grade natural chicken and is thus, preferred by many. This product is a medley of vitamins, minerals, proteins, whole grains, which maximizes palatability.

This highly nutritional food also consists of  brown rice, peas and carrots.

Peak – Protein Formula


As the name suggests, this food is rich in proteins. The main source of protein  is chicken, while tomatoes, salmon, potatoes and oats provide the necessary  vitamins and minerals.

Usually used for adult dogs, as this product is low in  carbohydrates, it improves the performance of your canine, providing high energy levels.

Adult – Dog’s maintenance formula


It is one of the better natural dry dog foods available in the market. None of the meat by-products, chemical preservatives or artificial flavors is used in this kind of foods.

The protein supplied in this product is easily digestible and the vegetables help in sustaining a glowing skin.

The daily – Nutrition and health for adult dogs:


This food is mainly beneficial for dogs, which are in the later part of their life. This food helps them maintain the right balance and be energetic even at a higher age.

An overall fitness of the senior dogs can be achieved by providing this product.

Fat – reducing formula:

This product mostly finds use for those dogs, which are overweight and less active. The tri meat proteins present in this product helps your dog to lose weight and regain a considerable amount of energy.


Choosing the Best Dry Dog Food


There are also other advantages of a dry pet food as compared to canned or wet ones. Dry food tends to keep the gums and teeth healthy because of the chewing process. Aside from this, they are made from different ingredients that can make the food a tasty one for your dogs.


Since dogs are carnivorous in nature,  the best dry dog food will have meat as its primary ingredient. A specific type  of meat must be the first ingredient in the list of ingredients a food for dogs  has may it be lamb, chicken, fish, or beef. General terms like animal fat or  meat meal are a sign of poor pet food quality so stay away from these kinds of products.


Fillers, in the form of grain, may be used by some manufacturers in their pet food. Be careful in giving your dogs  food with grains like soy, wheat, and corn because these are common allergens in dogs. If you should give your pet a plant-sourced protein, rice is a welcome alternative.

Choosing the best dry dog foods.

Artificial preservatives should all together be avoided in choosing the best dry dog foods.

BHT, BHA, Propyl  Gallate and Ethoxyquin are some of the terms you should take note of.

(Determination of antioxidants BHT,BHA and PG in food with high performance liquid chromatography)

These  artificial preservatives can do harm to your dog’s health. A good preservative  substitute you can look for is Vitamin E.

Because of the heavy competition  between pet food manufacturers, you will see all sorts of dog foods in the  market today.

The choice of which one to give to your beloved pet is up to you but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive one there is. Choosing  the best dry dog food is simply looking for a product that will fit the needs  of your dog.

When buying the best dry food for dogs, always go for a product that is made by a trusted pet food manufacturer.

This way you are ensured that enough scientific research was done to come up with their product.

In the same manner, you can expect that various lines of  pet products are offered by a reliable manufacturer.

Dogs of different ages have different nutritional needs, so if you want to give your pet the best dry food you have to look for one that is suitable for your dog’s age.

And since the  food is also formulated according to the dog’s breed, you have to do some  research first to know which brands work best with your kind of dog.

To get the proper advice in choosing  the best dry dog food, you can always visit your veterinarian for his opinion.  Just keep in mind that good nutrition is what defines the line between a happy
healthy dog and a malnourished one.


What Is the Best Dry Dog Food?


The best dog food does not have to be the most expensive; in fact there are many economical options available that  should provide them with all the sustenance that they require on a daily basis.

To start with it would make sense to  go with a trusted name. By doing so you can be certain that adequate research  has gone into the development of the product.

Make sure that the food you choose and give to your pet has been designed specifically for the breed, otherwise they may quickly become underweight or even obese.

The age of your dog will also have a  bearing on the food that should be given. A young puppy will be growing and  would therefore require a different combination of nutrients, whereas an older dog would require ingredients in its food that can help maintain its health and  well being.

What you should look out for…

A dog food that contains protein.Look to see if the product is AAFCO approved (The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)  – this will be stated clearly on a label on the back.

It is very important to remember that any food sold does not have to be AAFCO approved – so do some research and look at the back of the product before you purchase it.

Speak to your vet as they will often know of a decent food – however be wary as they may end up recommending their own.Purchase a few different brands and test them on your  dog.

There is no point getting what you consider the most appropriate food of your dog hates it and won’t eat it.Talk to other dog owners and breeders and ask what they use – this will help you make an informed decision.


Remember when choosing the best dry dog food, cost does often play an important role in making your decision. The reason for this is that more expensive products don’t tend to contain so many fillers, additives and preservatives.


Choosing the Best Dry Dog Food – Tips For Dog Owners


When you are choosing a dog food for  your new dog, there are many things that you need to consider. Your dog is  usually just like part of your family so it is important to choose a food that is healthy and good for your dog.

There are a few different factors that you  should consider when you are choosing the right food for your new family pet.

As discussed above, dog food is  ideal for your dog’s diet and is the popular choices for many pet owners but  how do you decide which food is the very best for your pet in terms of both nutrition and taste ?

Here are a few tips which will hopefully help to make the decision a little easier.


Consideration 1 – Brand


Established and trusted brands will have worked hard to build their customer base. They are more likely to invest in research and development, ensuring they have a nutritious and varied dry product range catering for a broad range of animals.

Well known brands understand the pets and the people who feed them so you can be confident you are buying a product with the end user in mind.


Consideration 2 – The Market Presence


How have you heard of the brand?

Does the manufacturer have a real, strong market presence and do they communicate your product well to you? Does the company have a website, where you can read not only about the products on offer but also how to care for your pet ?

A caring pet food company will want to do all it can to promote responsible pet ownership. If the pet food manufacturer has a passion for their product and are keen to convey this passion they will have a very strong market presence.


Consideration 3 – Recommendations from Fellow Dog Owners


If you know other dog owners and trust their opinion then ask them about the food they are feeding to their pets.

Word of mouth recommendations are a great way of finding out about the best and worst types of pet food on the market.

Dogs tend to eat anything and everything but the responsible pet owner will work hard to ensure what their dog eats is good for their health.

Feeding a quality food to your dog will ensure strong bones and teeth and promote a healthy glossy coat and skin.


Consideration 4 – Targeted Dog Food


The leading pet food manufacturers will offer a tailored feed for a variety of ages, so throughout your dog’s life the food you will feed it will change.

The nutritional requirements of a puppy will be different from the needs of a senior dog. Greyhounds and Lurchers also need a more specific diet. Look to buy from brands that cater for dogs throughout various stages of their life.

Here are best organic puppy food brands and how to feed your puppy from birth through adulthood.


Consideration 5- Professional Advice


No one understands the nutritional needs of any pet better than your vet. If you are concerned about your dog’s diet or want some guidance on buying the right food then you should approach your vet.


Consideration 6- Pet food package


The next dog health tip is to check the pet food package for odor or any tears.

Believe me you really do not want to feed your dog the food which is smelly or rotten as it can burn a really deep hole in your pocket if by any chance you need to take your pet to the veterinary hospital for digestive or stomach issues.

Also, you must remember that dog food is available in two types which are wet and dry.

It should be noted that wet dog food is comparatively less nutritious than the dry dog food.

Therefore, you must always go for the dry dog food as it is also favorable to the dog’s teeth. Wet dog food is also known to be prone to bacterial growth when not packaged properly and can get your dog sick as well.


These are some of the tips which can be followed for choosing the best dog health food for your beloved pet.

Also, you should make sure that your dog is well exercised as it is extremely necessary to burn some fat off particularly when he is being fed healthy and tasty food.

Also, you should make sure that a dog is comfortable in the living conditions so as to keep a dog healthy.

You may research on the Internet on the different types of food for dogs available so that you will be able to opt for the one which is best suited to your budget and dog’s needs.

Whilst there are so many different factors involved in choosing the best dog health food such as budget, preparation times etc the key is to take a look at all of the factors and decide which option suits you best.


Conclusion – Best Dry Dog Food


When choosing between these two you should also think about how these foods are going to affect your dog’s teeth and bones.

You should consider getting a food that will strengthen your dog’s bones and teeth to make sure that they don’t end up with a broken bone or infections in their teeth.

Note :

If you need to improve the dog’s diet by not spending much money then you need to try making homemade wet dog food. This will allow you to know what your dog is being fed, use the best ingredients, and keep an eye on any allergies that could be an issue.

Here all Information About The Homemade Dog Food Recipes For Large Dogs



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